User Interface

NS8 user interface is a web application developed with VueJs and based on Carbon Design System.

NS8 UI can be accessed at https://leader_node/cluster-admin/. Default username is admin and default password is Nethesis,1234.

The web application source is composed by multiple VueJs projects:

  • Core UI
  • A distinct UI project for every module (e.g. Dokuwiki)
  • A UI library that includes a set of reusable UI components and functions (VueJs mixins) used by core and modules UI

Source code of core UI is provided here:

UI design

Carbon grid system promotes responsive design. A simple way to develop a responsive layout is to organize content by placing tiles inside grid columns, using:

  • Carbon CvTile component
  • UI library NsTile
  • UI library Ns*Card components (e.g. NsInfoCard, NsStatusCard, …)

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