Proxy and certificates: Traefik

Traefik is the proxy server used to access all HTTP/HTTPS services. It also handles Let’s Encrypt certificate requests and renewal.

See Traefik README for more info.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are automatically exported to Redis upon request and renewal. Certificates are saved under an hash named /module/traefik<X>/certificate/<domain> key, i.e /module/traefik1/certificate/ The certificate is saved inside the cert field, while the key is saved inside the key field.

When a certificate is exported, Traefik module fires the certificate-updated event with a JSON messages. The JSON message contains the following fields:

  • key: the X509 certificate private key, PEM format encoded with base64
  • certificate: the X509 certificate, PEM format encoded with base64
  • node: the node id where the traefik instance is running
  • module: the module id of the traefik instance
  • domain: the FQDN for the certificate


    "key": "AAa...",
    "certificate": "BBb..",
    "node": "1",
    "module": "traefik1",
    "domain": ""

The event is published under Redis channel module/traefik<X>/event/certificate-updated.