NethServer 8 developer manual

NethServer 8 (NS8), is the evolution of NethServer 7 (NS7). NethServer 8 is designed for small offices and medium enterprises. It’s simple, secure and flexible.

Target audiance

This manual is intended for developers who are interested about NethServer internals. Reading this manual you should be able to learn how to extend, enpower and debug the NethServer platform.

Get involved

The NethServer project welcomes anyone who would like to become involved in the project. This is a brief list of things to do (in a sparse order):

  • Writing documentation
  • Bug reporting, bug triaging, QA testing
  • Translating the web interface
  • Developing / coding in Perl, PHP, Python, Bash


Give it a try and follow the quickstart! Look at core internals, modules architecture or the UI implementation.

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