Almost everything is logged inside the system journal. Recent logs are available using journalctl and services can be inspected using systemctl command.

As root use journalctl to see messages from agents, rootfull and rootless modules. As rootless UNIX user (eg. traefik1), use journalctl --user to see messages only from systemd user session.

By default a Loki instance is installed inside the leader node, it collects the logs from all cluster nodes. A rootfull Promtail container runs as a node service on all nodes, including the leader one. It sends all logs to the Loki server.

Logs of nodes, modules and the whole cluster can be read from the Logs page, or with the api-server-logs command. The following command prints the last lines of log produced by module traefik1 and waits for further lines, like a tail -f:

api-server-logs logs -e module -n traefik1

See api-server-logs -h for more command invocation styles.

It is also possible to query the logs of all nodes and modules with the logcli command.

Get the list of existing node identifiers:

# logcli labels node_id -q

Get the list of modules:

# logcli labels module_id -q

Example log search for module ldapproxy1:

# logcli  query -q --no-labels '{module_id="ldapproxy1"} | json | line_format ""'

The string wrapped by '' is the log query. It is expressed in LogQL.

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