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Development environment


The development environment can be prepared on a Fedora or CentOS 7 machine.

Follow these steps:

  • prepare the environment

  • do your modification to API or UI

  • sync your modification to the server where Cockpit is running

Install UI requirements

Prepare the development environment:

  • Install developer tools: npm and git

On Fedora: dnf install npm git

On CentOS: yum install npm git

  • Clone the repository:

    git clone

  • Enter inside the cloned repository and install all ui dependencies:

    cd nethserver-cockpit/ui npm install

Build the UI

Note: during the development, the UI must run on the NethServer server. Running the UI on the developer machine will not work due to Cockpit CORS limitations.

Note: Requirements: nodejs >= 10

Enter UI directory and build using npm:

cd ui/ && ./prep-sources

Make sure to create the /root/.local/share/cockpit/nethserver directory inside your NethServer. You can do it using this command, assuming the NethServer has IP

ssh root@  "mkdir -p ~/.local/share/cockpit/nethserver"

Sync API and UI

Files can be copied using rsync.

To copy the APIs, use the following command:

cd api/ && rsync -avz --delete ./* root@

Before copying the UI, make sure to compile it as explained in the paragraph above.

To copy the UI, use the following command:

cd ui/ && rsync -avz --delete dist/* root@

Code style

Please use configuration from EditorConfig.